The Pride Of Washington State

RED DELICIOUS. Red Delicious apples are one of Americas favorite snack apple. They can be picked up from the grocery store at any time of the year. Its appearance is heart shaped and brightly red sometimes stripped. This crunchy variety has a very mild and sweet flavor and it is best used in salads. It was introduced in the late 1800,s and it is harvested during the months of September and October. It has been grown in the State of Washington since the 1920s

Granny Smith: The color of this apple is green. It is extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile. It is available all year round. Bright green Granny Smith has a pink blush. Its tartness really comes through when baked and sauted. Grannies are a favorite in the State of Washington apple-pie bakers. They are also excellent for snacking and salads. Their harvest occurs during the month of October and warm days and cool nights ensure its crunch and flavor. It was introduced into the market in 1868 and its place of origin is Australia. It is believed this variety descents from French Crabapples cultivated by Australian grandmother Mary Ann Smith

FUJI: A cross between the Red delicious X Ralls Janet,. This crisp, sweet, fruity, juicy, aromatic and slightly sub acid fruit with outstanding texture makes it an excellent fresh eating apple. It was introduced into the US in the 1980s. Fujis are harvested in the month of October but can be purchased through the entire year. It's also good in baking or applesauce and stores well. Fuji flavor improves in storage like fine wine. Fuji skin color varies from yellow-green with red highlights to very red. This variety was introduced into the world market in 1962 and was created at a Japanese Research Station. Washingtons cool late fall weather helps develop the reddish-pinky and superb flavor.

Gala is an absolute favorite for fresh eating. It is heart-shaped with distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping and the aromatic and sweet smell are its trademark.. Gala is just the right size for snacking and is great in salads. Good for baking and very good in applesauce. Harvest for this variety begin around the middle of August and lasts through early September. Galas were introduced into the market in 1965 and were originated in New Zealand by plant breeders. It is a cross of Coxs Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious. It matures to a bright overall red color with bold red stripes over a yellow background. The fruit is firm, juicy, fine textured with a yellow white flesh.

Golden Delicious also known as the all-purpose apple, has firm, white flesh and sweet crisp flavor. it retains its shape and rich, mellow flavor when baked or cooked. Its skin is so tender and thin that it doesn't require peeling for most recipes. Golden Delicious is very good in fresh salads and freezes well. Its flesh also stays white longer that any of the other varieties. Other uses for Golden Delicious are : salads, pies, sauces, baking and it freezes well. The Washington State warm climate its perfect for this variety of apple. Harvest occurs during the month of September and it is available all year round.