Potato Varieties


Potatoes are one of Americas most popular vegetables. You can peel them, boil them, bake them or roast them and whether you serve them with butter or by themselves, they are simply delicious. Potatoes loaded with starch like the russet variety bake well and make fluffy mash potatoes. They store well in cool dry ventilated places.


The so called all purpose potato have a yellow flesh and have rich flavor. They are great for boiling but they fall apart when they are overcooked. They are also good when used for Mash Potato, Soups and chowders, steaming and they make delicious Potato Pancakes. The starch content on this potatoes is medium starch and they are great with most potato dishes.


Red skin potatoes have a low starch content. They are great for salads and scallop potatoes, soups and chowders, and pan frying. They hold their shape after they are cooked. This variety is not good for mash potatoes because their consistency is sticky.


The purple or Peruvian potato has a medium starch content so they are good all purpose variety. They make for a good interesting looking potato salad or mash potato but they are not as tasty as the other varieties. They tend to get a bit mushy if they are overcooked. Good for potato salads, mashing, soups and chowders and French fries.