Our apples are grown in the State of Washington and we begin our harvest from mid August thru November. Our apples are subjected to the highest grading standards in the country.



Asparagus.- Asparagus is a member of the Lily family and under ideal conditions it can grow as much as 10" in a 24 hour period. The outdoor temperatures dictate how much time will be between each picking. Once planted, it will be at least three years before the first harvest is done. This allows the crowns to develop a strong fibrous root system: The largest diameter, the better quality! A well cared asparagus will produce an estimated time of 25 years without being replanted. The nutrients  found in asparagus are high folic acid, potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 A & C and thiamin. Harvest occurs from mid April thru Early July.




The rich mineral soil of the State Of Washington is perfect for growing potatoes. There are about 300 growers cultivating them in this state producing about 20 percent of the US crops. Using new technologies and innovation we protect the environment and use the water more efficiently. With all this, our fields will produce some of the best potatoes in the United States for years to come.




Washington State and the Northwest produce some of the most delicious cherries. The varieties grown in this area are usually biggest, juicier and sweetest. This area provides the ideal mix of warm sunny days and cold nights that make cherries grow that way and we have a nutrient rich soil which makes our trees thrive.

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