fresh, direct from our farm

Baker Produce takes pride in growing, packaging and shipping the finest quality onions to the fresh marketplace. Through cultivation and harvesting, Baker Produce puts the extra care into growing our onions to deliver the highest consistency our customers expect. Whether choosing our red, white or yellow onions, you have the assurance that Baker Produce will deliver the quality you expect.


Baker Produce Red Onions are the variety of onion with purplish-red skin and white flesh tinged with red. These onions are generally medium to large in size and have a mild, sweet flavor. A versatile onion, reds are used in cooking or grilling, with other foods, or added as a decoration to salads. Red onions are high in flavonoids, and can be stored 3 to 4 months at room temperature.



Baker Produce White Onions have a pure white papery skin and a sweet, mild white flesh. This onion is used in Mexican foods for complementing the flavors of other ingredients. White Onions can be sautéed to a dark brown color and served to provide a sweet and sour flavor. Small White Onions are used in soups, casseroles or stews, and are also known as “boiler onions.” Whites are also a choice in salads. Grown and packed with care, Baker Produce White Onions are shipped all across the country.



The Baker Produce Yellow Onion is a variety of dry onion with a strong flavor. Yellow Onions have a greenish-white, light yellow, or white inside, and its layers of papery skin have a yellow-brown or pale golden color. With a higher sulphur content than the white onion, Yellow Onions deliver a strong, complex flavor. Grown fresh, packed and shipped for the highest quality from Baker Produce.

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