Grown fresh in the state of Washington

Baker Produce apples are grown in the state of Washington. Safety and freshness receive top priority, and every apple is grown with only the highest quality standards. Baker begins our harvest from mid-August through November. You have the confidence of knowing that Baker apples are subjected to the highest grading standards in the country.

red delicious

Baker Produce Red Delicious apples have a sweet and very mild flavor. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness. Perfect as a snack or juiced, Red Delicious apples are high in antioxidants.


Granny Smith

Baker Produce Granny Smith apples are famously green apples with a tart flavor that makes your mouth water. Granny Smith apples are one of the best for baking your favorite apple recipe. There are many health benefits to Granny Smith apples, as they help fight obesity as well as disorders related to it.



The Fuji apple was created in Japan in 1930 by crossing a Ralls Janet and a Red Delicious. A relatively young apple variety, Fuji apples have become one of the most popular apples. Baker Produce Fuji apples have no fat, sodium or cholesterol, thus they are a healthy addition to most diets. Low in acid, the Fuji’s flavor is mild yet very sweet.



Baker Produce Gala apples are usually striped with overall orange color. They are sweet, fine textured, and aromatic. Gala apples can be added to salads, cooked, or eaten raw, and are especially good in creating sauces. Gala apples can be grown with high quality results in both temperate and warm apple-growing climates.


GOLDEN Delicous

Baker Produce Golden Delicious apples are firm, crisp and white-fleshed. The Golden Delicious has a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavor, which has been described as honeyed. This apple variety is a favorite choice for salads, apple sauce and apple butter. Packed and carefully shipped to you by Baker Produce.

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