RED POtatoes

Red Potatoes hold their shape

Red Potatoes grown by Baker Produce are a solid choice for salads, scalloped potatoes, soups and chowders, and pan frying. Reds have a low starch content and hold their shape when cooked. View Available Sizes

This particular variety is not a good choice for mashed potatoes as their consistency is not meant for that use.

Baker Produce harvests red potatoes at the peak of freshness. Adding color to a side dish, Red potatoes are a perfect choice for potato salads because of  their firmness and texture.

An incredibly versatile potato, Reds are suited to just about any preparation.


Premiums 3 ½” and Larger
Size A -- 2 1/8” – 3”
Size B -- 1 1/2 “ – 2 1/4 “
Size C -- 1” Minimum

Package Options (Net Weight)
50# Carton
50# Burlap Sacks
100# Burlap Sacks
5/10# Poly or Mesh Bales
10/5# Poly or Mesh Bales
5#,10#, 15#, or 20# Poly, Mesh and Loose Potato Bins

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