Yukon potatoes

the “all-purpose” potato

Yukon Potatoes grown by Baker Produce have a yellow flesh and deliver rich flavor. View Available Sizes

Baker Produce Yukons are a great choice when used for mashed potatoes, soups and chowders.

Perfect for steaming and they make delicious Potato Pancakes!

Yukons boil well, and the starch content of this potato is medium starch, making Yukons a flavorful choice as part of any potato dish.

Yukon AVERAGE potato SIZES

Premiums 3 1/2" and larger
Size A -- 2 1/8” – 3”
Size B -- 1 1/2 “ – 2 1/4 “
Size C -- 1” Minimum 1

Package Options (Net Weight)
50# Carton
50# Burlap Sacks
100# Burlap Sacks
5/10# Poly or Mesh Bales
10/5# Poly or Mesh or Bales
5#,10#, 15#, or 20#, Poly, Mesh and Loose Potato Bins

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