Celebrate a favorite for fresh eating

Baker Produce presents the Gala apple. Its trademarks include its distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping and aromatic sweet smell. Gala is just the right size for snacking and is great for baking, applesauce and salads. Baker harvests Gala apples beginning the middle of August and lasting through early September. Galas were first introduced in 1965 in New Zealand by plant breeders. The Gala is a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious.

Baker Gala apples are an absolute favorite for fresh eating. Its heart-shaped, distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping, and the aromatic sweet smell are its trademark.

Baker Gala apples are great in salads, for baking and applesauce as well!

Outstanding for eating fresh, the Gala apple is a healthy snack.

Baker Produce begins harvesting the Gala apples around the middle of August, lasting through early September.

Carefully hand-picked and packed fresh…Baker Produce Gala apples.

Baker Produce Gala apples exceed USDA standards for color and shape, offering consistent texture, sugar levels, color and taste.

Mmmm…fresh Gala apples…ready for delicious baking!

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