versatile, tart, crisp and juicy

Introduced into the market in 1868, the Granny Smith apples has Australia as it place of origin. Baker Produce Granny Smith apples are a favorite among apple pie bakers, as their tartness really comes through when baked or sautéed. Granny Smith apples are also a great-tasting choice for snacking and salads. Baker Produce harvests them during the month of October, when warm days and cool nights ensure crunch and flavor.

Baker Produce Granny Smith apples – beautiful green color, tart, crisp, juicy…and oh so versatile.

Available all year ‘round. Perhaps the most instantly recognizable of all apple varieties and the most widely known is the Granny Smith apple.

Great for any kind of baking, especially in dessert recipes like apple crisp, apple cake or apple pie, Granny Smith apples are a favorite among bakers.

An excellent snack and for adding flavor to salads…Baker Granny Smith apples.

Found in recipes of discriminating cooks, the Granny Smith apple brings flavor to the table.

First introduced into the market in 1868 in Australia, it is believed this variety descends from French Crabapples grown by Australian grandmother “Mary Ann Smith.”

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